Advancing Building Estimation

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May 2019 Dallas, Texas

The Canada BIM Council



The Canada BIM Council serves as Canada’s business voice for the entire construction industry, education community and owners who are working collectively with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies and practices.


Our Mission is to provide our professional, educational, construction, fabrication and supply chain members a collective voice dedicated to BIM. We provide our members with advocacy, learning opportunities and best practices for BIM in a Canadian context while maintaining connectivity with our international partners. We also engage our membership in order to address their needs as we move toward developing an industry consensus on BIM.


The CanBIM’s Board of Directors exists to serve the needs of the council membership. The board assembles the best experience in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Building Ownership and Facility Management, Construction Law, Education, and BIM Technology.  As a growing organization we look for every opportunity to collaborate with other BIM organizations, professionals and industry stakeholders. We participate in conferences, information sessions, symposiums, and round table discussion relating to the advancement of BIM.


We also host our own quarterly sessions throughout the year where we will invite our members to sit in with relevant guest speakers to discuss in an open forum the latest happenings in BIM.  We anticipate and affect changes in the industry by remaining informed and proactive about the latest trends, standards and methodologies relating to BIM.


With the depth of experience that our Board brings to the table and our growing base of contributing members we are confident we will satisfy our Mission. We encourage new membership from every area of the AECOO industries; not only are there multiple Advantages To Joining as an individual or company, but when we collectively use BIM everyone stands to gain.